Smocking is a fabric manipulation technique, which allows to design eye-catching and structural fabrics, which are entirely created by hand stitching.
Learn how to create three-dimensional fabrics, using contemporary American and English smocking design techniques.
During the course you will learn how to read smocking patterns, create grids and stitch fabric, using these methods:

Arrow, Lozenge, Basket, Octagons, Waves, Starts, Cobblestones, Diamonds, Leaves and Bricks

This masterclasses will give you hands-on experience on 3D fabric design. During the class you will create your own fabric samples and learn the whole process for smocking, which is based on grid formation, fabric gathering and pulling stitches.

Decorative and embroidered variations of contemporary smocking techniques have been recently shown in collections of such designers as Alexander McQueen, Miu Miu, Chanel and Commes des Garcons.

Join Smocking Masterclasses, choose between a basic or advanced level and start creating your own three-dimensional fabrics! Book your place within your chosen city and school.


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