leather braiding


Leather braiding is a fabric manipulation technique, that allows to design ornamental fabrics and accessories, which are created by knotting together leather strands.

Learn how to create braided and waved leather patterns. Learn patternmaking for leather accessories and practice sewing, punching, gluing, attaching clasps, buckles and other leather hardware. During the course you will start with all braiding basics and then progress to complex and artisanal weaving. A step-by step guidance, diagrams and a comprehensive overview of needed tools is the core of this course.

This masterclasses will give you hands-on experience on leather braiding. During the class you will create a range of braided and weaved leather samples and learn the whole process for this decorative technique.

Artisanal variations of modern leather braiding have been recently shown in collections of such designers as Balmain and Noir Kei Ninomiya.

Join Braiding Masterclasses, choose between a basic or advanced level and start creating your own weaved leathers and accessories! Book your place within your chosen city and school.


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